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AKP Recruiting serves clients from a range of industry backgrounds. Our client pool is constantly searching for the perfect candidate to fill an available position and we want to find the candidates who possess the knowledge, skills and experience in each industry. Check out our list of industries below and get a head start in finding the perfect industry, company and long term employment position for you!


Engineering Industry

The engineering industry encompasses chemical, civil, industrial and mechanical engineering divisions, where the civil engineering division is primarily concerned with activities like the planning, construction, designing or manufacturing of structures. There is also an area of engineering that deals with aeronautical engineering, where engineers supervise the design of aircraft, missiles, etc. The chemical industry is concerned with engineering activities like construction, design and operation of plants and machinery for production of products like drugs, synthetic rubber, etc. Electrical engineering primarily deals with activities like manufacturing of devices for generation of electricity or design of devices for transmission of electricity. This electrical engineering division is also concerned with the design and manufacture of electronic devices, including computers and computer accessories. The mechanical engineering division specifically deals with design and manufacture of power plants, engines or related devices. And industrial engineering is principally concerned with processing and production, to include laying out plants, etc. At AKP we work with a broad range of engineering clients, including those involved with transportation, aviation, rail, municipal, industrial, environmental, process, project, etc.

Construction Industry

What kind of construction jobs are you looking for? As a growing and ever-evolving firm, we can help you find construction jobs that match your skills. As you know, construction is a very large industry that comprises a wide range of activities involving construction, alteration and/or repair. Our professional recruiters work with a broad range of companies, giving you access to some of the most desirable positions available (Mechanical Contractors – Mechanical/Electrical/HVAC/Plumbing/Piping/Sheet Metal), Heavy Civil, Highway, Aggregate Supply, Etc.). On a monthly basis our Clients our retaining our firm to fill positions within all of these construction verticals. Let us help you find your next Construction role!

Mining Companies

The mining industry is constantly growing as the need for many natural resources continues to increase throughout the United States. Our clients in the mining industry want candidates who seek to utilize, acquire and educate about the natural resources that are involved in the mining process for everyday use. AKP Recruiting works with mining companies that cater to mining and refining of a wide range of products and resources. Available positions in the mining industry range from entry level positions that require employees to be on site in the heart of the mining process to managerial positions that require business experience and expert knowledge.

Renewable Energy Companies

Renewable energy companies fall into two subcategories of renewable energy sources. Solar and wind energy are the two types of renewable energy clients that AKP Recruiting primarily works with. Candidates qualified for various level positions for renewable energy companies often share a focus on eco-friendly alternatives for everyday uses, including cars, electricity, heating and more. The renewable energy industry is a newer industry and our clients are always looking for fresh perspectives and knowledge from incoming employees. Search our database today for solar or wind renewable energy companies looking to fill positions.

Refining Companies

Companies in the refining industry run a close parallel to the oil industry, though each company possesses unique characteristics specific to their industry. AKP Recruiting works closely with our clients in the refining industry—often times the gas refining industry—to find the candidate that fits best with the workplace culture of the company, in addition to possessing the necessary skills and experience. Refining companies deal with heating, lubricating and fuels, as well as gasoline of all kinds. Our constantly updated database displays a list of AKP Recruiting’s clients in the refining industry looking to fill job positions today.

Chemical Companies

AKP Recruiting works closely with our chemical companies to find professionals that have the experience, education and skills to fill an available position. With the amount of chemicals involved in the chemical industry today, many candidates may come from backgrounds such as organic chemistry, as well as communications to handle the marketing aspect of our client companies. The chemical industry serves to develop products and services for a wide range of needs and we work to find each client the perfect candidate for the job.

Oil Companies

The oil industry is an ever-fluctuating one, though even at its lowest point, oil is in high demand – not only throughout the United States, but around the world. The United States is a few short steps away from becoming the largest oil producing country in the world and the demand for job positions is out there. From entry level positions to managerial positions, the oil industry has jobs to fill and the right candidate is waiting to find these clients. Whether your experience comes from an engineering background or you’ve served a few years in the military, oil jobs often require you to get your hands dirty and jump right in. Oil companies are always looking for candidates with a wide range of experiences and qualifications.

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