We’re Here For You

At AKP Recruiting, we’re a dedicated team of recruiters who are committed to finding the perfect fit for everyone involved in the recruiting process. AKP Recruiting treats recruiting as a tedious process by taking into consideration the proper requirements for not only our clients, but the candidates looking for employment as well. AKP Recruiting not only looks at a candidate’s qualifications when placing a potential employee, we also pay close attention to how a person fits into the cultural workplace of a company.

Our team of professional recruiters is focused on building personal relationships with each candidate looking to find their future job and we’ll work with you to make sure that the hired position is for the long-run.

When it comes to recruiting, though the industries looking to fill positions may be broad, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is more than one person fit for the job. AKP Recruiting takes many factors into consideration when it comes to placing candidates for the job including geographical location, experience, work ethic and more.

We work with a number of different clients who come from all different industry backgrounds including oil companies, renewable energy companies, mining companies, chemical companies and more! AKP Recruiting is growing daily and our clients are our main point of focus.


Find The Right Fit For You
You can take a look at our job availabilities to find the right employer for you. Our listings are updated daily and we seek to fill all potential positions effectively, efficiently and for the long haul. AKP Recruiting cares about our clients and we value personal relationships that are built and maintained throughout the process – and beyond. Your dream job could be just a click away and AKP Recruiting wants to be your guide in finding the right position for you!